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Atmospheric Aerosols and Air Pollution

Aerosols play an important role in atmospheric chemistry, have effects on human health and welfare, and they influence climate. Atmospheric aerosol particles play an important role in atmosphere chemistry for several reasons: they transport material through the atmosphere, serve as condensation nuclei for the formation of clouds, and also take part in chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Increasing our understanding of the physical and chemical properties of aerosols is vital for properly assessing their effects on human and health especially respiratory diseases and various issues such as, air quality, visibility degradation and influence on climate and ultimately establishing effective control strategies. However, the identities and concentrations of the atmospheric species/particles, particularly organic components, are still unknown.


Current Research Interest:


1. Molecular composition of organic aerosols (Dicarboxylic acids and related compounds, Aliphatic and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and stable carbon isotope ratios of organic aerosols


2. Aerosols and Health Effects

3. Noise Pollution

Aerosol Field Campaigns

Dar es Salaam Posta Mpya

Azikiwe Street 2005

Azikiwe Street, Posta Mpya (Dar es Salaam)

Uluguru Mountain, a view from Morogoro Town

Main Campus, SUA - Morogoro

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